This Student Made An Epic Wooden Computer Case For School And You Can Too!

He saved a ton of money and made something magical in the process.

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    Louis Vanwalleghem is a Bored Panda user and a student who needed an awesome computer rig for school. Instead of buying an expensive case, he just made one himself! Louis has no experience in wood working or building computers, but he tackled the challenge head on.

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    The first step was modifying a custom wooden frame from a local carpentry shop. A chisel, hammer, and dremel was used to carve out a space for the front panel.

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    Next, fans needed to be installed. Louis used nothing but friction to keep the fans in place. This was achieved by attaining a perfect sung fit with trial and error.

  4. 4

    Metal panels were then filed down and installed.

  5. 5

    Now its some for some electronics! The power supply, disc drive, and front controls were then installed. A similar method to the cooling fan installation was used.

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    The iconic shiny black plexiglas front piece was then attached to the case. Louis had to order this piece special from an online retailer.

  7. 7

    Second before last, the specialty on/off switch was installed. Louis writes, "I bought this online from a german shop, called a 'Vandal switch'. I drilled a hole in the wall and used the metal-file to make it the right size".

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    Lastly, the final internal components were installed and connected.

  9. 9

    Here it is! Louis writes, "Nonetheless I’m happy the final result and I recommend anyone who is in doubt about starting a similar project to just commit to it. It is easier than it looks." This build is nothing short of sweet. Great job Louis!

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    We loved this story and wanted to share it with you. You can check out more info on the build here:

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