This Real Life Fox And Hound Are A Living Disney Movie And They're Perfect!

Only this time there's a happy ending!

  1. 1

    This is Juniper, and her best friend in the whole world is a beautiful dog named Moose.

    That's right. Moose. Moose the dog.

  2. 2

    Moose and Juniper were both rescued from pretty dire circumstances as pups. But all that's in the past now, because they have each other.

  3. 3

    They spend their days like most best friends; booping each others noses...


  4. 4

    Dealing with each others flatulence...

    "Come ON, Juniper!"

  5. 5

    Celebrating each others birthdays...

    "Birthday Chipolte plz!"

  6. 6

    And snuggling, of course. Nice job you two. We're jealous.

    But seriously, there is nothing more adorable. Literally nothing.

  7. 7

    To see more of this pair and their adorable hijinks, click the link below!

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