This Artist Makes Tiny Pop Culture Drawings That Are The Size Of A Pencil Eraser

We've never seen Dobby this small before!

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    Claudia Maccechini is an Italian artist that specializes in creating art pieces in micro-detail. She also happens to be a huge nerd. Luckily, she recently decided to combine the two.

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    Her latest "miniatures" project has been making waves on the internet recently and we wanted to share it with you.

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    "Miniatures" is a series of giant drawings of pop culture icons in micro detail.

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    You almost need a microscope to see all of the detail.

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    She writes, "I decided to create miniatures firstly as a passion but also to invite people to linger on the image and really observe it".

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    We think she accomplished her goal. We are mesmerized.

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    You can check out her offical Instagram here:

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    You can check out the original article where we discovered the story here:

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