These Hyper Realistic 300 Hour Ballpoint Pen Drawings Are UNBELIEVABLE

They take 20 layers, and this skilled artist has dedicated thousands of hours to them.

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    Andrey Poletaev is a self-taught artist and Bored Panda user that is changing the way that we view the classic ballpoint pet.

  2. 2

    Andrey writes, "I highlight the beauty of ordinary moments that surround us. I want to remind everyone that sometimes we just need to pause and look around".

  3. 3

    He happens to highlight the extraordinary in the everyday armed with nothing more than a ballpoint pen.

  4. 4

    Each piece takes between 200 and 300 hours of work. The end result is well worth it.

  5. 5

    I can't imagine how many trips to Staples this guy has to make every week. That is a lot of ink!

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    We thought these pieces were incredible and we had to share them with you.

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    You can check out Andrey's official website here:

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    You can check out more of the story here:

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