The Story Behind These Two Very Unlikely Best Friends Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity (4 Images)

The little girl in the picture is Lindsay Ratcliffe. She is 12-years-old. At the age of 4 Lindsay was diagnosed with progeria, a rare genetic desease that causes children to age 8 to 10 times faster than normal, the average lifespan is 13, she is now 12. The other person is David Douglas, six feet tall 330 pounds, he is 29-years-old and a profesional power lifter. He is a former Marine that can squat over 900 pounds, bench 600 pounds and deadlift 770 pounds.

David explains bellow how the two met and immediately became best friends, he refers to Lindsay as his little sister.

  1. 1

    David and Lindsay best friends

  2. 2

    David explains to Aplus how they met

  3. 3

    This picture is inspiring

  4. 4

    David Douglas explains what is photoshopped in this picture and why

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