Some Very Weird Alternative Costumes In Very Popular Video Games

Usually in video games you might be able to get some alternative costumes for some of the main characters, this can be just the character without a shirt or some cool suit. But here we have princess heart, even a sailor?

  1. 1

    Classic Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5

    And with period accurate graphics

  2. 2

    Knight Ashley And Gangster Leon In Resident Evil 4

  3. 3

    Princess Hearts In Silent Hill

    A straight up horror game and we get Princess Hearts? this is weird

  4. 4

    Sailor Chris In Resident Evil: Revelations

    He looks like he is a member of the Village People

  5. 5

    Fish Kratos In God Of War 2

  6. 6

    Fox Mcloud - Bayoneta 2

  7. 7

    Fiona The Frog In Haunting Ground

  8. 8

    Cheerleading Raptors in Killer Instict

  9. 9

    Nintendo Characters In Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    Thats just really funny to see this guy wearing a giant mushroom head

  10. 10

    Classic Max Payne In Max Payne 3

  11. 11

    Alien Zack In Dead Or Alive

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