Ryan Reynolds Pulls Awesome Move By Donating $5k To Go-Fund-Me Set Up By A Cinema To Pay Fine For Showing Deadpool And Serving Alcohol

A cinema in Utah is facing a $25,000 fine for showing a film and serving alcohol at the same time. Thats because there is a law in the state prohibiting the sale of booze while there is nudity or sexual acts being displayed in the film.

Agent Bradley Bullock wrote this in his report, "The main character (male) in the film is shown numerous times engaging in acts or simulated acts of sexual intercourse with the female counterpart during a holiday themed sex-montage,"

The theater is getting with a this massive fine and to pay for it they started a Go-Fund-Me page to get some help to pay for that ridiculous $25,000 fine. Well Ryan Reynolds found out about this and donated $5000 of his one money to help pay for it.

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    Ryan Reynolds Tweet.

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