Nate Diaz says "Justin Bieber And Drake Don't Know Sh-t About MMA"

Before the main event of UFC 196 everyone took to social media to let the world know who their pick was. Most people thought Connor McGregor would win the fight, including a ton of celebrities.

Nate Diaz didn't take to kindly to this...

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    “Bieber don’t watch the sport; he don’t know the sport,” . “I’ve seen a couple other people too, Drake, all these other guys that are stating their opinion. How are you going to state your opinion when you don’t know s**t? You’re just showing your lack of knowledge on the sport.” “They picked McGregor. The mainstream got him because they know his name more, but if you look at my record and at look at who I am and watch my fights, you know [I was going to win]. Unless you’re caught up in the hype. Those guys all were. Everyone’s got their opinions, but I wouldn’t say something about a basketball player or something like that ’cause I don’t know the sport.”

    Nate Diaz

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