John McAfee Tells The World How To Crack The iPhone On National TV In Four Simple Steps (Video)

Incase you didn't know John McAfee is known for giving the world the first commercial anti-virus for computers and he is also the presidential candidate for the Libertarian party for this years elections.

He is also getting some heat because he offered to decrypt the iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino shooter that Apple refused to do even though a judge ordered them to. John got tired of waiting and told the world how to do it on national TV. Just to be clear this isn't just for iPhones, he says that it works with any computer, phone, tablet etc.
1. Hardware engineer takes the phone apart and copies the instruction set (the iOS, application set, and memory).
2. Then you run a program called a disassembler. A program which takes all the 1s and 0s and gives you readable instructions.
3. Then a coder sits down, reads through it, and looks for the first access to they keypad. He claims this will only take half an hour.
4. When the coder sees that then he reads the instructions for where in the memory this keypad code is stored.

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    how to crack an iPhone

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