Identical Twins Share the same Boyfriend And They Are Totally Fine With It. Hats Off To You Buddy. (Video)

Ana and Lucy Decinque are identical twins that have shared everything their entire life, they have spent every second of their entire life together. Now they share a boyfriend because they say that having different boyfriends just didn't work out for them. So this sounds like the greatest a guy can ask for, you have two girlfriends and they look exactly a like.

This will be up for debate, first because I don't think the girls are exactly super attractive, and second maybe I'm not in to the whole incest thing but hey who am I to judge. This might different for me of maybe Scarlet Johansson had an identical twin, or Jessica Biel or Sofia Vergara, damn maybe I could look past at the fact that they would be sisters and just be happy, yes I would be very happy HAHAHA.

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    Twins share boyfriend.

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    You might like them, but ain't exactly my cup of tea

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