Here's One Detail You Definitely Missed In The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

And it changes EVERYTHING!

  1. 1

    By now, you know how important the opening credits are...

  2. 2

    It changes depending on the locations visited in that particular episode.

  3. 3

    And if you pay close attention, you'll find subtle clues.

  4. 4

    Like in the finale, we finally saw a Direwolf back on Winterfell - thanks to our new King of the North!

  5. 5

    But there's one thing you probably missed . . .

  6. 6

    Between the explosions and dragons, we saw Sam and Gilly finally reach Oldtown. And do you remember when Sam entered the Citadel's library?

  7. 7

    Check out those chandelier things.

  8. 8

    Look familiar?


  9. 9

    HOLY SH*T! It looks like we've been seeing Old Town's chandeliers THIS WHOLE FREAKING TIME!

  10. 10

    But what are these magnificent balls of light?

    Are they giant magnifying glasses that the maesters use to keep on eye on the Seven Kingdoms with? Or are they just super fancy chandeliers? Clearly they have to be important to have such a prominent place in the opening credits. Share your theories in the comments!

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