Father Publicly Shames Daughter on Facebook For Posting A Nude On SnapChat (Picture Included)

When Unnamed Dad finds out his Unnamed Daughter posted a risqué Snapchat, he shares the pic to Facebook in the hopes of embarrassing his child into ceasing exposure.

Unnamed Dad even makes a point to use the word “slutness,” a tragically underused gem in the modern vocabulary of many.

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    Facebook post:

    To think the scarf was a gift from grandma'.

    Damn Facebook has really made some news on this site recently:

    First the new features: http://www.borednation.com/lists/new-reactions-for-facebook-announced-today/70

    Then not taking down a the pic of a girl with the ex-boyfriend that murdered her: http://www.borednation.com/lists/facebook-refuses-mourning-father-s-request-to-take-down-pictures-of-his-daughter-with-boyfriend-who-murdered-her/433

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