Couple Finds Purple Heart At Goodwill; Uses Facebook To Find Owner.

A nation wide search for the family of Eual Whitman was sparked when a couple from Mesa Arizona posted on Facebook that they found a Purple Heart at the local Goodwill.

They said they were at Goodwill looking for green shirts for St. Patrick's Day, when they say they found the Purple Heart in the jewelry section.

"This is not right that this is in a Goodwill," Laura Hardy said. "We're going to take it out and try to connect with its family."

She and her husband said they knew the item marked for $4.99 was priceless to someone.

"It's heavy and it's engraved," Hardy said.

"I can't believe the outpouring from all over the country and I'm going to search the Goodwills in the jewelry section and see if there's any other medals that's need to be returned," Hardy said.

But a spokesperson for Goodwill said their employees sift through thousands of items a day so it's likely this accolade slipped through.

"If they do identify an item of significance like a Medal of Honor, we ask them to pull them and then we do try to contact, whether it's the VA or local authorities," said Courtney Nelson with Goodwill of Central Arizona.

Thanks to her hard work and the power of social media, Hardy said the medal is now on its way back to its rightful owner.

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    Facebook post that went viral

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    Purple Heart

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    Purple Heart

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