11 Inspiring Photos From 9/11

11 incredible pictures taken on that fateful day that changed our nation forever.

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    Before September 11, 2001, none of us could believe such an attack was possible. While there had been some smaller bombings, this kind of scale was unimaginable to us Americans. It was not until that fateful day that we as a nation were forced to change.

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    This aerial shot of Manhattan on September 11, 2001 encapsulates just a fraction of the physical scope of the damage. There was so much smoke that day that people in neighboring towns and states could see it for miles and miles. A terrifyingly unusual sight to see for most Americans.

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    The Scope

    The wreckage caused by both towers crashing down to the ground was completely massive in scale. Those who risked their lives to scour the wreckage for survivors are truly some of the greatest America has to offer. We are all grateful that when things are at their worst, there are those who will risk it all for the sake of others.

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    Danger All Around

    The faces on these rescue workers shows the sheer tenacity and determination that was needed on that fateful day. Only they can attest to the horror that the wreckage provided them. But it was all worth it, for the lives that were saved in the months after can attest to the bravery that all people can show after such an attack.

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    This great building, the Empire State Building, embodies the very essence of American ingenuity. A shot like this perfectly encapsulates the dichotomy and juxtaposition of that day. America the beautiful stands tall amidst the smoke and rubble, foreshadowing the spirit and tenacity of those who would risk their lives to save others.

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    Rescue In Action

    These police officers were part of a rescue squad. One can see the debris all over them caused by hours of searching the rubble for survivors. We can only imagine how many lives they saved, how many families they kept together thanks to their bravery. We thank and salute you.

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    Animal Help

    We tend to forget that we were not the only species that was effected by this tragic day. Many rescue dogs risked life and limb in order to save as many lives as they could find. Imagine how many people went home to their families thanks to their efforts.

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    Dog Days

    This snapshot of these rescue workers lifting up the German Shepard rescue dog reminds us of the great sacrifice that more than just humans have made to save others. When things are at their worst, humans are at their best; only sometimes is that proven to be true, but in this case, it is true for more than just us.

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    The scope of the rescue is difficult to imagine. Police officers, Fire fighters, and civilian volunteers put in countless hours in order to find as many survivors as they could. The sacrifice these people made is of a degree that few of us can imagine.

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    The Search

    This is the sight that many rescue workers were faced with. Sifting through thousands of tons of debris in order to save the lives of those who might still be trapped within the wreckage. We all owe a debt of gratitude to all who risked their lives in order to get survivors back to their families.

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    Fame and Photo

    This is the iconic photograph that was snapped during the first hours of the rescue operation. An American flag being raised over the debris and wreckage perfectly encapsulates the incredible fortitude of the American spirit, even in the absolute worst of times. Every American; nay, every friend to freedom, cannot help but feel the need to better and safeguard the world for the average citizen of any nation.

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